The Digital Divide Persists: Mobile Phones are Not Computers

News / Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Despite celebrations regarding digital adoption and increasing access to the internet by minority groups via mobile phones and other devices, the use and ownership of actual computers for research and professional work is still a cause for concern. Don’t believe the hype.

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For minorities, new ‘digital divide’ seen

Today, as mobile technology puts computers in our pockets, Latinos and blacks are more likely than the general population to access the Web by cellular phones, and they use their phones more often to do more things.

But now some see a new “digital divide” emerging with Latinos and blacks being challenged by more, not less, access to technology. It’s tough to fill out a job application on a cell phone, for example. Researchers have noticed signs of segregation online that perpetuate divisions in the physical world. And blacks and Latinos may be using their increased Web access more for entertainment than empowerment.


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