First iPad Magazines, Now iPad Newspapers. What’s Next?

News / Friday, January 14th, 2011

Once the iPad hit the scene, critics proclaimed the end of print media as we know it and several publishers decided to commit to iPad-optimized magazines. Even Richard Branson conducted a huge media campaign about his yet-to-be-released Project–a multimedia magazine experience that takes full advantage of the iPad platform.

Now Rupert Murdoch (79 year old CEO of News Corporation–the worlds third largest media conglomerate making Mr. Murdoch a very rich man with a net worth around $6.2 billion with a B–and publisher of almost any newspaper you can name) is rumored working with Apple CEO Steve Jobs on an iPad-based Newspaper simply called The Daily.

Look for more information to hit the news on January 19th. Would The Daily have the potential to become the Next Big Thing when it comes to Big Media?

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First image of Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper emerges

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