To Digitize or Not to Digitize, That is the Question.

News / Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Music, television, print media, games–everybody is wondering how and to what extent digital technologies will change their business models and customer expectations. The only certainty is change.

This article paints a picture of what opportunities and threats lie ahead for media moguls concerned about whether their profits will be converted into electrons freely distributed across cyberspace or whether they can mine the money waiting in digital transactions that can happen fast and furiously.

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The Year Ahead for Media: Digital or Die

An onslaught of digital technologies has laid waste to traditional media. The new year will bring a clearer picture of what will emerge from the rubble.


For media chiefs, 2011 will bring more gambling, as executives weigh how much to invest in emerging businesses directly cannibalizing their traditional ones. As usual, they’ll be watching each other, and consumers, closely.


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