Black Folks in Technology: Get Your Game Right

With an overview of the technology industry, education, IT workers, and entrepreneurship, this Blackweb 2.0 article is an outstanding summary of how black IT professional are faring and how others who want to pursue technology careers or business opportunities should go about getting their game together. Game recognizes (and mentors) game.

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The State of Blacks in Technology

Given that President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday night, it seemed fitting to explore the state of blacks in technology.  As the nation continues to recover from the recession, the manner in which African Americans collectively manage the potential offered by careers in technology will determine the effectiveness of efforts to help blacks economically recover.  The state of blacks in technology will be examined in light of the overall technology industry, attainment of the required education credentials for a career in technology, representation in the IT workforce, and entrepreneurship.  A plan for improving the number of blacks who pursue technology careers will be presented at the end of this article.


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