When Did BlackBerrys Become Cool?

They used to be the businessperson’s tool and something you carried to connote importance or the illusion of being too busy to be bothered. Now, even kid’s are carrying BlackBerrys and they complete head-to-head with iPhones and other popular mobile phones. When did BlackBerrys become cool?

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Smartphone Home: A Burst of ‘Berry

Ever since its humble beginnings as a glorified two-way pager, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry has been the mobile of choice for accountants, bankers, and everyone else doing God’s work. For years, the average New York restaurant has been full of droves of suits, double-fisting their personal and work ‘berries.

But then, a new wrinkle: With kids these days texting and tweeting more and more, the quintessential keyboard phone started to gain a devoted following of students, slackers, and the rest of us, too, which has RIM eager to take advantage. Suddenly, the BlackBerry is the cool person’s cool business phone. They’ve got a new phone, the Torch, which combines a vertically sliding keyboard with a touchscreen. They’ve got cool young people in commercials, doing young people things! They’ve even got Diplo!

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