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Gmail: Not Best for Business

It’s free and feature-rich but you might want to think twice about relying on Gmail as part of your marketing presence. It’s an outstanding tool for use in the background but not necessarily the best way to showcase your ability to play with the big guys nor the proper front man to greet prospects

Thunderbolt? Faster than a Speeding Bullet, More Powerful than USB

The new Apple MacBook Pros will be equipped with Thunderbolt connection ports. This technology was developed by Intel and is marketed by Apple as ‘the next big thing’ for fast data transfer and expansion. This will replace USB and revolutionize our digital data experience. Ready, set, bolt! Amplify’d from Thunderbolt: Everything You Need

iPad 2: Mark Your Calendars

A thinner profile, memory and peripheral support, photo and video capability–these are just a few of the things that many of us wish had been included on the original iPad that may make their way onto the iPad 2. I’m not surprised; that’s typically how the marketing and manufacturing folks at Apple operate so

Is the MacBook Air the Photographers BFF?

This is a great article by Derek Story who used a MacBook Air for six weeks as a portable photography studio in his camera bag while traveling with his camera gear. He discusses the iPad versus the MacBook Air as traveling photography tools and the reasons to prefer one over the other. Amplify’d from

New Flava in Your Ear: from Jack Zerby on Vimeo. It's not everyday that you come across a site that is so impressive in its simplicity and straghtforward purpose that you're blown away by its usefulness. Such is, an outstanding way to bring all your online efforts together in one place that is simple, elegant, and comprehensive.

Overwhelmed and Loving It

I've have 43 unread books installed on my Kindle application that are begging for my attention; I'm trying to keep a blog, a forum, a social network, a news journal and two information websites going all at once; I've purchased two DSLR cameras and I'm making an effort to take some new pictures to

Lucky Seven: Over 20 Years of Highly Effective Habits

I read Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People years ago and it’s one of those books whose truths continue to endure over the years. If you’re a highly effective wannabe, the Atlanta Post offers this summary of the text that will get you caught up in no time and on your way

Javaboi: Coffee Clothing = Merchandising Money

I’ve been following Eric Anthony and his diligent building of Javaboi Industries as one of The Cashflow’s 100 Urban Entrepreneurs who has received funding to pursue his dream of business ownership. His enterprise is especially intriguing as I’m an unapologetic coffee-addict (I present my Starbucks gold card as official identification when traveling–doesn’t work but

Geek Meet and Eat with the President

I can only wonder what topics were discussed at a recent dinner meeting of leading tech company executives and President Obama. Apparrently, being the Geek in Chief has its advantages. Amplify’d from Obama Toasts Tech With Industry Luminaries [PICS] And a fine dinner it was at the Silicon Valley home of venture capitalist