Just Got a New Mobile Phone? It’s Already Obsolete–Enjoy.

News / Friday, February 4th, 2011

The open source Android operating system and processors custom-manufactured to optimize specific mobile operating systems will result in a phone war that will only frustrate anybody who has to have the latest and greatest phone.

As faster, smaller, more efficient devices are introduced within months of the last device, mobile phone service providers will likely resort to hardware and service discounts in addition to contract termination fees in an effort to buy loyalty and penalize transfers.

This CNN Money article puts some facts and industry challenges in perspective as the rest of us hold on for a wild and crazy ride.

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Your new smartphone is already a dinosaur


Smartphones are continually outdueling one another in terms of performance, and they’re coming to market at a breakneck speed.

That means device makers can churn out smartphones at an incredibly rapid pace, taking the handsets from concept to store shelves in a relative blink of an eye.

As a result, smartphone manufacturing cycles have doubled in speed in the past two years to just over four months, according to industry consultancy PRTM.

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