Overwhelmed and Loving It

Personal Development / Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


I've have 43 unread books installed on my Kindle application that are begging for my attention; I'm trying to keep a blog, a forum, a social network, a news journal and two information websites going all at once; I've purchased two DSLR cameras and I'm making an effort to take some new pictures to practice my photography everyday; I'm spending my daytime hours trying to settle a huge labor relations contract before the end of the month while spending my evenings building an online network of websites; I'm working to improve my fraternity's visibility within our city and to strengthen and increase our mentoring efforts with youth who need us; I'm trying to keep the physique lean and mean while nature begins to show me that good genes just won't cut it anymore; and I'm looking forward to an amazing 2011 of travel, entrepreneurship and new opportunities with my wife who provides me with never-ending support and encouragement.

Life is complicated, challenging, concerning, joyful, stressful, blessed and fundamentally good. In the midst of life's busy-ness, remember that having too much to do is a sign that God has provided you with all the talent you need to determine how to best prioritize your efforts to deliver results for the greater benefit of others.

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