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Nobody Needs a Tablet. So Why Are We Gobbling Them Up? | Gadget Lab

via The world will become a place where you either use a tablet computer or you don’t. Neither will be right or wrong but will simply distinguish those of us who choose to use a tablet in addition to our other computing or media devices from those who haven’t found the need or

i.Sound Portable Power Max – 16000 mAh – iSound – The New Sound

via As we become reliant on digital devices to create, access, and maintain our digital media, power concerns and battery life become increasingly important. The Kindle and iPad are famous for their longer battery life but even they don’t last forever. Battery power packs like the i.Sound Portable Power Max may be a

Tired of Waiting for an iPad 2?

via For those of you who aren’t wedded to the Apple ecosystem and who are tired of waiting for iPad 2 shipments to arrive, you might consider the Motorola Xoom. I will continue to wait patiently for an iPad 2 because I’m completely drunk off the Kool-aid; however, this video provides a good

Black Startup Born at SxSW–gokit | BrothaTech

via Check out BrothaTech’s blog recap of his experience at SxSW and read about how a black tech startup was born out of simple networking at the event. gokit sounds like a great idea and you can sign up to become part of the initial launch of this new and innovative marketing platform.

Leshell Hatley Uplifts Youth With Tech | Black Web 2.0

via As technology continue to integrate itself into our everyday lives, it is vital that blacks become tech providers instead of consumers, especially when it comes to the next generation. The problem, however, becomes how to ensure that our kids are exposed to the classes, mentors and equipment necessary to sow the seeds

Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams, and Other Celebs Share How They Tweet | Black Web 2.0

via Nice Birthday tribute as Twitter celebrates 5 Years of asking “What’s happening?” Can you believe it’s only been five years?

The 2011 Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo coming to Atlanta in May | EURweb

via Atlanta, Entrepreneurship, May 2011–what more is there to say?

The Wall Street Geek is One to Watch

Thanks to Gerard Spinks for tipping me off to the Wall Street Geek. Michelle Price, Founder and CEO of Price Capital, LLC is also the publisher of The Wall Street Geek where she provides nationally syndicated financial education via videos and blog posts. Check her out and get in the fast lane to wealth

Mike Tyson’s Angry Birds Addiction Cure

I’ve seen people playing and I understand why Angry Birds has become so addicting. It just isn’t for me but I don’t have any games on my iPad and prefer using it to read or for music and movies. For those who are looking to cure their addiction and play a little less, Mr.

Where Art Thou Black Tech Startups?

Kiratiana Freelon, editor for and author of Kiratiana’s Travel Guide to Black Paris, comments on The Atlanta Post regarding the deficiency of black tech entrepreneurs and her own efforts to start a tech company without a technical background via partnerships and sourcing. Amplify’d from Making Black Tech Entrepreneurs 100% Viable In the