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Cartoon: The Social Media Guru, Expert, Or Wizard | Social Media Today

via When looking for social media expertise, be careful what you ask for and better still, be careful of what you market as your skills and deliverables–if any.

Proof that Social Media Is no fad Infographic |

via Given some compelling stats, facts, and figures, it appears that those who are using social media to connect with current customers and prospects are probably allowing new opportunities and profit potential to lie dormant and die. Don’t let it happen to you.

Major Nook Color Update Turns the Ereader Into a Tablet

via Barnes & Noble is making an effort to capitalize on the eReader/Tablet market by adding enhanced application software to its Color Nook eReader and turn the competitively priced $249 device into a capable tablet contender. Will Amazon ever produce a color Kindle and try to get some of this action?

HOW TO: Get Started With Photo Blogging | Mashable

via If you’re like me, and you’ve got a decent DSLR (or two), you should consider practicing your creative talent and showcasing some of your work via a photo blog. Here are some great tips on getting started.

Welcome to Mogulite | Mogulite

via A site about moguls? If you want to keep tabs on what the rich and powerful are doing to occupy their time or why the media can't just get enough of them, there's a new blog just waiting for you to subscribe. Truthfully, it's not bad once you read beyond the reports

All iPhone 5 rumors in one handy infographic | Crave – CNET

via This is a great summary provided by NowhereElse.

BlackBerry PlayBook Enters the Tablet Race [REVIEW] | Mashable

Is the iPad ever going to meet a formidable competitor? The Playbook offers some unique innovations, but ultimately, the screen size, lack of apps, and need to tether with your Blackberry may prove limiting and iPad will continue to rule for a while. This is one of the better reviews on how the Playbook

11 Excellent iPad Apps for Meetings &Presentations

Mashable provided this outstanding list of applications that can be used to turn your iPad into a powerful presentation tool. With an inexpensive adapter cable, you can turn a projector or any HDTV into a full laptop replacement for demonstrations and note taking on the go. 11 Excellent iPad Apps 

8 Ways to Improve Your Live Event With Social Media

              From Whether you just want to generate a bit of buzz or instead have specific goals to increase ticket sales and attract top speakers and attendees, social media can make the planning process smoother by leveraging digital word-of-mouth. Here are eight tips for best results.

How Are Mac &PC People Different? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic courtesy of Hunch