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6 Ways To Effectively Brand Yourself on Twitter – BLACK ENTERPRISE

via Sure, you can use Twitter to have fun by making general comments about events as they happen around you to share with friends and followers or you can use it to effectively promote your brand and sell some products and services in the process. Here are six ways to make for sweeter

Can an 11-inch MacBook Air an iPad 2 Coexist in Ownership?

via I have both and, like the author of this article, I believe that you can use both equally as much for different purposes even though there is considerable overlap in terms of what can be done with each device. For grab-and-go portability and convenience, nothing beats the iPad. For grab-and-go productivity and

A Guide to Mobile Blogging | The Next Web

This is a great read for those of you who blog on the go. A Guide to Mobile Blogging It seems everyone has a blog these days. From mammoth ‘millions-of-readers’ blogs, to niche ‘nobody-reads-me’ blogs, you can be sure there is a blog for every occasion. And as we continue on into the decade

Seven Types of Entrepreneurs, Seven Sins of Entrepreneurship

The truth of the matter is you really don’t want to be any of these but you most certainly will know the types and many of us are guilty of falling into these categories. 7 Types of Entrepreneurs; which one are you? ‘Entrepreneur’ is a pretty broad, and often abused, word. How do you

New Nook Fits Nice Niche

Amazon, are you paying attention? Barnes & Noble reveals new Nook e-reader   On Tuesday, Barnes & Noble updated its dedicated Nook e-reader with a touchscreen display.

Everything’s social: a day in the life of Jack, a social media geek | The Next Web

Is this an exciting look at life in the not-too-distant future or a sign that we’re taking social media too far? Everything’s social: a day in the life of Jack, a social media geek If you think that checking your Facebook account once a day and following Lady Gaga’s latest musings on Twitter makes

8 Signs of a Successful Entrepreneur – BLACK ENTERPRISE

via How many of these traits do you have?

Taking My Flash Photography to a New Level: Canon Speedlite 430EX II

via With two DSLRs in my camera bag and a steadily improving photographic eye, today I decided it was time to stop overexposing my subjects and creating horrible shadowed images with built-in flash and I invested in an external flash. The difference in picture quality is phenomenal. Granted, it makes for a heavier

Canon & Nikon Cameras Square Off [INFOGRAPHIC]

via Interesting graphic and overall summary of the best camera manufacturer based on expert reviews, user reviews, compact camera preferences, popularity and revenues. I’m a Canon guy so this provides me with some fleeting validation but the bottom line is that both Canon and Nikon, along with a few others, are in a

Five Stylish Gadgets for Innovative, Location Independent Entrepreneurs | YFS Magazine

via Can’t quite get enough tech. These gadgets will give you another reason to consider spending money when you just can’t figure out how to separate yourself from your hard earned money. I found the Rover Puck especially interesting. The shredder, earphones, email scanner and payment client–not so much.