Casio Tryx: Is it a Silly Rabbit that Even Kids Won’t Like?

News / Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Casio has had a major hit on its hands with the G-Shock line of digital watches. Can it bring the same sense of industrial technology design to the digital camera realm?

The Casio Tryx is an odd machine. It features a pop-out display that might be good for low-angle photography but seems to be a solution in need of a question. The interesting mix of features to include a novel, 360 degree, single press panoramic function and 1080p video recording but no optical zoom and dismal battery life make it a difficult device to recommend.

Given that smart phones continue to become more and more capable at HD video and amazing still shots while allowing immediate uploading to social media sites–and I won’t even go into processing speed, battery life and all the other crazy functionality on phones these days–I’m not sure that it really matters whether you love or hate this camera.

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