iPad 2 Beware: The Galaxy Tab Strikes Back

News / Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Looks like Samsung has returned to do battle after retreating from the tablet wars once the iPad 2 came on the scene. You’ve got to give them credit for realizing that their new baby wasn’t such a big deal and deciding to acknowledge a better product while fully intending to come back with something even better.

And better it is–Samsung’s Galaxy Tab just got a bigger screen, a thinner profile, and lost some weight in the process in just a few months after the release of their first tablet.

If this is the way that the tablet wars will be fought with new entrants from existing manufactures that improve on their current line almost immediately after a product is released, we can forget trying to keep up and simply accept the fact that what we have is good enough to do more than we realize while saving our upgrade money for truly evolutionary improvements.

Yeah, right.

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