MacBook Air 11 inch Unboxing and First Look by Reggie Levine

News / Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Reggie Levine is a tech writer and blogger who recently posted a video review about a refurbished MacBook Air 11 inch laptop he received directly from Apple with 128GB of solid state storage memory. I have the 64GB model and it’s an ideal travel companion and allows me to easily carry both my iPad and my MacBook Air when out of town for a few days.

Both devices fit in a slim leather portfolio along with a few books, magazines, chargers, etc. I’ve always said that both devices can exist together as they fulfill different and related needs (iPad = convenient consumption and creativity; MacBook Air = portable productivity) and I’m sure that Reggie will echo that sentiment as he becomes more familiar with his MacBook Air and shares additional insights in subsequent reviews.

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