PDF Converter – Save Documents, Web Pages, Photos to PDF for iPad on the iTunes App Store

News / Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

This is one of those Apps that catches my attention and may be destined for the Gotta Have It on Your iPad list.

One of the beauties of the iPad is its ability to provide convenient access to PDF files for remote reading and sharing in presentations via other applications like Goodreader.

With PDF converter, you can create a PDF file out of almost anything that you have stored on your iPad or that you might be viewing on the internet or via your email client. It’s like your own PDF writer that resides on the iPad without the need for an internet connection or any additional software. You can even send your PDF files to a printer via AirPrint or other iPad print utilities.

For $6.99, it’s relatively cheap and I’m going to use it and evaluate if it really delivers on its promise to become one of my most used applications.

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