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Web/Tech / Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


It's never been easier or more convenient to blog or particpate in social networking while one the go. Mobile computing–whether via mobile phone, iPad, or notebook computer–has become more portable, faster, and increasingly powerful. For those of us who love gadgets, the next new thing provides interesting options and opportunities to increase our creative communications with friends and followers.

My personal tech tools of choice are my HTC Evo 4G mobile phone, an iPad 2 64GB WiFi-only model, and an 11" Macbook Air 64GB. When armed with these tools that are easily carried alone, in pairs (the phone with the iPad or the Macbook Air) or together in a small leather portfolio briefcase, I'm easily able to remotely do most of the work that I do at home on my iMac.

Low energy, extremely capable processors, high speed mobile data networks, long battery life and amazingly capable operating systems all contribute to blogging and social networking while on the go. When the Palm Pilot personal digital assistant (PDA) was released in 1996, as much as we might have known that the future of mobile computing was indeed bright and far-reaching, no one would have imagined how far technology would evolve in such a short time. PDAs have merged with cell phones and tablets have changed the game all over again.

I've become very comfortable picking up my iPad or Evo, taking a picture, typing a few lines and making a post to Facebook or Twitter. Similary, it's easy to whip open the Macbook Air, open Google Reader, scan a few articles and post to my blog via Posterous with a great summary, picture and link to the original article. On a few occassions, I've even used my Digital Rebel camera with a Eye-Fi memory card to take pictures at events that were uploaded to my Facebook page in real time using my mobile phone as an internet connection. This is great stuff if you really consider the creative options that the technology provides.

How are you using technology to enhance or increase your blogging and social networking?

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