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Sony Tablet S preview — Engadget

via I loved what Sony brought to the table by way of multimedia and extra features for the Palm OS when they introduced the CliƩ line of PDAs. I can only hope that their entrance in the tablet market with the Sony Tablet S running the Android operating system will follow a similar

iVictrola | Uncrate

via Interesting. Green. Expensive. Ugly.

iPhone 5 Concept Features – YouTube

via Thanks to BrothaTech ( for sharing this video with me. It’s definitely not the iPhone 5, more like the iPhone 10 or greater, but the video is well done and features some interesting mobile technologies that I’m certain will be standard fare in the future.

Anybody using their phone for calendar, memos, and todos like we did with Palm Pilots?

So, if you happen to get an HP Touchpad, what will you really do with it?

I really want to do more with Google+ but I’m just not feeling it yet.

Olympus PEN E-PM1: Smallest and Most Affordable Olympus PEN Camera

via Let the interchangeable lens wars begin. $499 is a proper price point for a fast camera with high light sensitivity and the kind of filter features that we’re used to on our cell phones but with the quality of much better camera. This is something I might really think about although I

Sony NEX-7: The Pocketable DSLR

via If you ever wanted to put a DSLR in your pocket, this is the camera to buy. 24.3 megapixels and 10 frames per second? Wow and wow.

Mutewatch | Uncrate

via When is too little too much, or vice versa?

WebOS + Amazon = Ultra Kindle and iPad Problem.