The Price of Early Adoption

Web/Tech / Saturday, August 13th, 2011


I'm an admitted gadget freak who if often among the first people to own the next new thing. One of the costs of my addiction is the amount of money I pay as a premium for early ownership when prices decline over time. Take my new iPhone 4 as an example. I was among the first to get an iPhone 3GS and then decided to get an Android device when the EVo 4G became available. I recently decided to get an iPhone again and instead of waiting for the iPhone 4G or iPhone 5 (whenever that becomes available), I opted for the iPhone 4 a bit late to the party. As this article from Daily Finance shows, by waiting until now, I saved $400 off the price of what the iPhone 4 would have cost me had I been among the one of the first to buy it. it's crazy but it's part of the love hate dichotomy that we gadget fiends have with new technology. Apparently the way to wealth is by waiting. I might need to do more of that.


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