Sony Tablet S preview — Engadget

News / Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I loved what Sony brought to the table by way of multimedia and extra features for the Palm OS when they introduced the Clié line of PDAs. I can only hope that their entrance in the tablet market with the Sony Tablet S running the Android operating system will follow a similar course.

Early indications suggest that the PlayStation certified device, which also features some solid remote control functionality for your media system, might be a little chunky with its fold-around, magazine-style design when compared to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2. The hardware design and feature set seems to be complete but final software offerings are yet to be determined. If you’re a PlayStation gamer, you’ll probably love this device although the on-screen controls may take some getting used to.

Let’s see if Sony innovation and marketing will make this tablet a significant player in an ever growing marketplace of devices that are trying to steal share from the iPad. Sony should fare a bit better than HP when it comes to brand identity and platform utility. I also believe that it’s a certainly that the PlayStation capability will satisfy a unique niche but time will tell if the $500-$600 device can really hold it’s own or whether fans will make definitive device distinctions between work and pleasure.

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