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Madness Stopped: The Kindle Fire Will Satisfy a Market that Has Been Dying for this Device

via Some people just don’t want to spend the money for all that an iPad can do. For $200, the Kindle Fire will inexpensively (relatively speaking) fill a void without some of the overlap that has made deciding between an iPad or a MacBook Air in addition to using a phone so difficult

Epson’s MegaPlex Projector: Not Worth the Extra Money

via I recently upgraded my Epson EX3200 SVGA projector to the EX5200 XGA model with HDMI input. I intend to use it to present directly from my iPad. It was $250 less than this new MegaPlex model that features an iPhone/iPod dock with less resolution and brightness. The included speakers are nice but

Sphero: Don’t Need but Kinda Want

via A bluetooth-controlled, baseball-sized rolling, color-changing robot? Absolutely unnecessary and a gotta-have item just because.

KMart Uses Public Enemy’s Harder Than You Think to Show Us What You Got

via Target is getting some competition from it’s almost forgotten competitor, Kmart as they rebrand their fashion campaign using Public Enemy’s “Harder Than You Think” track. Kmart and Fashion? The video makes you think twice but seeing (in the store) is believing. Thanks to The Atlanta Post ( for the reference.

Trey Songz Speaks on Technology and Startups at Tech Crunch Disrupt Show [Video] | Black Web 2.0

via Trey talks about using technology to increase connections with fans and his thoughts about tech startup investments where it makes sense for his brand. It’s a nice video and he makes it clear that his focus is on using technology as a tool to enhance relationships via video, social networking and music

Empire Avenue: Paying for Attention

{EAV_BLOG_VER:09e8159f88c2bced} I recently joined Empire Avenue at the urging of some of my Geeks with Swag friends. Having used Klout to gain a sense of my social media standing and receiving mixed results, I wasn't too keen on yet another site promising to increase my social exposure and was even less keen on the

Droid Bionic or iPhone 5?

I’m actually not at all hyped about the iPhone 5. iOS 5, yes but not the phone.

Issa Rae: How Awkward Black Girl Raised Over $44,000 Through Kickstarter

via Awesome story and a prime example of how a solid idea can get overwhelming support and funding from Kickstarter. If you haven’t been watching Awkward Black Girl, get with the program–it’s a great web series that may become something much bigger soon.

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