Empire Avenue: Paying for Attention

News / Tuesday, September 13th, 2011



I recently joined Empire Avenue at the urging of some of my Geeks with Swag friends. Having used Klout to gain a sense of my social media standing and receiving mixed results, I wasn't too keen on yet another site promising to increase my social exposure and was even less keen on the stock market approach to measuring influence. But, I figured I'd give it a try and see what would happen.

I must admit that I'm impressed with the overall concept and still a bit overwhelmed by the attention I've received after just the first day or two. It's kind of addictive and you can spend lots of time trying to increase your share price by participating on the site, connecting your social networks and buying and selling shares of ownership of other site members' profiles. My blog and all of my other social sites have seen an increase in attention and visitors. I have to also admit that I've been exposed to many more people who share my interests faster than what I've experienced on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. The early days are promising and I'll be spending a little more time figuring out whether this is a place that deserves even more of my attention.


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