Epson’s MegaPlex Projector: Not Worth the Extra Money

News / Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I recently upgraded my Epson EX3200 SVGA projector to the EX5200 XGA model with HDMI input. I intend to use it to present directly from my iPad. It was $250 less than this new MegaPlex model that features an iPhone/iPod dock with less resolution and brightness. The included speakers are nice but you can always plug in some better external speakers with the money you would save.

As much as I like Apple products, I hate it when manufacturers try to make more money on accessories built for them that are not as good as the standard stuff without the Apple customization.

Anybody have any success stories about presenting with an iPad? Are you as fed up as I am with iPhone/iPad products that cost more money and deliver less functionality than the non-iBranded equivalents? Some might say that’s the nature of the Apple business model but I disagree and find fault with many of the third-party accessory manufacturers.

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