Look Ma, No Mirror: The New Digital Photography Challengers

News / Monday, October 24th, 2011

Once digital single reflex lens cameras (DSLRs) came on the scene, photography was forever changed and creative experts soon abandoned film for the cost effectiveness and creative freedom offered by digital photography and expert lenses.

Whether digital or not, the single reflex lens (SLR) technology that requires a mirror to flip up and reveal film or a sensor was still the determining factor in distinguishing a DSLR prosumer or expert camera from point and shoots and digital zooms. DSLRs feature much better Image quality but tend to be much bigger cameras given the technology required to produce these images.

Now it seems that the tried and true DSLR format may face a serious challenge in advanced functionality and creative capability in the form of mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras that offer a portable form factor similar to point and shoot cameras with image quality equal to DSLRs.

Several manufacturers have begin offering products that are stylish, fast, feature-rich, and expensive with Sony and Olympus among the popular options. Nikon has recently entered the mix with their new J1 model and Canon is likely to follow. Digital photography enthusiasts’ technological choices and bank accounts are becoming more challenged everyday.

Learn more about the new Nikon J1 at http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/03/nikon-1-j1-review-video/

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