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A Gentleman and a Rockstar

Thanks to my iPhone with Big Lens and BlogPress apps, you get the first artistic, view-from-a-washing-machine look at my new Jeffery West boots. I ordered them from the UK and they arrived within four days. I love fast service. Check the stitching details.

Quest for the Perfect iPad 2 Notebook Case

via From DODOcase to Portenzo to Pad & Quill–which of these cases is the best? Well, I think I've finally found the best notebook-style case for my iPad 2 after having lived with each of the most popular traditional book-binding notebook-style case manufacturers and I'm ready to crown a king. When I bought

Introducing the Mirror Book Air

via And you thought the Macbook couldn’t get any smaller. I won’t be getting one of these but it’s a cute variation on the Macbook Air theme.

Thinking About Buying an iPad as A Christmas Gift but Not Sure Which One? Read This.

via Many thanks to the good folks at Macworld for distilling the iPad decision down to a few easy considerations: storage, Wi-Fi or 3G, accessories, color, and whether to wait on the next model. Easy Peasy.

This Glif is Pretty Nif

via If you use your iPhone for taking photos, you might want to consider dropping $20 on the Glif; it’s a great tripod attachment in addition to offering some unique viewing angles for your iPhone when it’s used as a stand for watching movies or during FaceTime phone calls. The Glif+ package will

Now You’re Cooking with Fire: Nine Outstanding Free or Almost Free Kindle Fire Apps

via You’ve saved a lot of money on a Kindle Fire and finally have a device that keeps you happily enjoying your ebooks while also providing some much needed Android tablet functionality that reduces your iPad envy substantially. So what apps do you download to start really seeing the benefit of your new

KPCB Internet Trends 2011

KPCB Internet Trends (2011)

You Knew it Was Coming – Kindle Fire vs iPad 2: Part I

via The Kindle Fire is being touted by most as a solid product but it has some ground to make up as a first generation product given the iPad’s seniority and market dominance over the last few years. This video from offers a nice comparison on where device features compete head-to-head and

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 – YouTube

via I managed to completely miss this and didn’t see a bit of media about it last week. Don’t know if I just slept on it or whether it just wasn’t well publicized. At any rate, I’ll mark my calendar for next year so as not to miss Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012. Looks

The Empire Strikes Back – Now Open: The Microsoft Store

via Microsoft wants in on the retail store action. Now you can get your Windows fix live and in person soon at a location near you. Or maybe your town will be spared. Resistance is futile, but keep hope alive.