How would the remote of an Apple television work? – The Next Web

News / Sunday, November 6th, 2011

If the future of remote controls is based on the Apple iOS with a touch screen interface and Siri voice activation to turn channels and record programs, sign me up.

Prior to his death (and in his biography), Steve Jobs hinted that Apple TV would be the next big thing and this article suggests that the proper interface to completely integrate you computer, music, videos, photos, and television will soon be released. The picture above is a rendering of the Magic Track Pad with a built-in iOS. The current track pad is a glass multi-gesture surface, so it wouldn’t take much to produce a similar remote control device.

Sounds like a winner to me–let’s do it. But let’s not create an actual television that’s really nothing more than huge iMac. I’ve already got that with my 27″ machine and I would be hard pressed to replace my current flat screen with an Apple product when it’s easy enough to build less costly peripheral devices that can provide cutting-edge functionality to a variety of televisions.

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