RIP for RIM?

News / Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Having recently purchased a RIM Blackberry Playbook for the discounted price of $199 (wandered into Staples looking for something else and it caught my eye–my mouth dropped when I saw the price and I nabbed the last one in the store), I’ve been fairly impressed with the hardware and form factor of the device and not as wowed by software applications beyond what the device shipped with.

The Playbook currently requires that you have a Blackberry phone to use in order to access your calendar, contacts, and email. I have a work-issued Blackberry but it’s not currently configured by my IT administrator for use with the Playbook and I’ll have to look into that once I get back to work. Hopefully, that won’t be a showstopper. It’s a capable web browser and media player. It also comes with Documents to Go installed for creating, editing and viewing Microsoft Office files.

So far, so good. It has a decent user interface that’s a little choppy every so often and excellent multitasking that will hopefully become more stable with future updates. This article from PCMag discusses RIM’s past mistakes with the introduction of the device as they lose their footing in the enterprise market to other tablets where consumer preferences drive IT responses rather than IT dictating our technology. Hopefully, RIM will take heed and the Playbook will become the best two hundred dollars I’ve spent in a long time. Game on?

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