BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Available for Download–It’s About Time

News / Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Talk about tardy for the party. If it wasn’t for the $199 price bargain where I picked up a Playbook around the holidays last year, I might not have given the device a second glance. It’s been a decent companion to my Blackberry Torch and now that I’ve been issued a new Blackberry Bold 9900 for work purposes, I’m excited to see how well the 2.0 download works in providing some much needed functionality to what is a decent piece of hardware that has been handicapped by the software up to this point.

On a different note, a new job has wrecked havoc with my travel schedule and blog updates have been sporadic at best. I’m still here and I’ll probably use this space as my primary means of satisfying my need for creative expression while curtailing my other website activities significantly. Such is life–our internet presence is a mirror of our real selves.

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