I Ditched My iPhone for a Galaxy Note. Yes, Really.


Unforgivable? Maybe. But I got tired of waiting for a 4G capable, international iPhone and the tablet-phone functionality of the Galaxy Note was too intriguing for me to pass up.

So far, so good. It’s a huge phone but not ridiculously so. The extra screen size makes a big difference in viewing websites and documents. It comes loaded with apps that you can use for productivity, entertainment and communication right out of the box and the Android Market has improved considerably where I don’t feel like I’m not getting some of the same stuff that’s available from the ginormous iTunes store.

The camera is outstanding and the S-Pen note taking applications are game changers. It’s a true cross between what I was doing when switching between using my iPad and my iPhone and now I can really rely on my iPad for some of the stuff that my iPhone was duplicating. All my photos and videos from my home-based Mac ecosystem reside on the iPad and I use the Galaxy Note as a capable liaison for my work-based Windows ecosystem and all the Google goodness I can handle.

I can take the Galaxy Note with me anywhere and I’ve only begun to put it through some rigorous use. It has proven very capable thus far with battery life as my only concern. It packs a lot of dual core processing power, has a gloriously brilliant, high resolution screen and several radios to include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and an FM tuner. As much as I love Apple, the Galaxy Note is my phone of choice at the moment.

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