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[GALAXY Note] Beckham plays Beethoven’s Ode To Joy – YouTube

via Not a big David Beckham fan (nothing against him–just not into soccer), but this is a pretty cool video showcasing my preferred mobile device of the moment–the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Hair Products and Shoes? African-American Online Consumption | BlackWeb 2.0…:+BlackWeb20+(Black+Web+2.0)#.T72kqcw9l0s It’s great that we’re making use of the internet to conduct our business transactions, but what we’re spending money on is the more interesting detail. I guess.  

Blogs are Still Relevant: Check Out BE’s Black Blogger Month Discover some of the best of the best and support what you like by becoming a subscriber.

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology — Kickstarter

via The watch that becomes the perfect companion to your phone (as if you needed one more thing to carry around) becomes the largest funded campaign on Kickstarter raising $10 million of the $100,000 requested. it looks like a nice device, but get in line if you want one because they already have

Facebook: Show Me the Money

via Nine hundred million members and a revenue model built on advertising–now that Facebook has gone public, it’s time to get busy and provide shareholders with a return on their investment. This means that the ads you’ve become accustomed to seeing in your newsfeed or along the sidebar are just the beginning of

How Are African-Americans Staying Socially Connected? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Black Web 2.0

via Are we so obsessed with being social that we’re becoming an audience (for advertising dollars) instead of trying to figure out out to become more entrepreneurial so that we can take advantage of another audience?

UBB Widow Maker 1100 Mustang | Uncrate

via 1,100 hp to take you from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds? I’m not a mustang fan but wow. Wowwee.

Forget About Canon and Nikon, where are the Sony Shooters?

Sony is doing the damn thing with a couple of new interchangeable lens cameras that expand their range of small, APS-C sensor shooters while the other leading camera makers fiddle with tweaking lesser technologies. The NEX series is becoming a favorite among aspiring photographers and pros who want increasingly portable DSLR equivalents. My NEX-5N