Monthly Archive:: June 2012

Black Barbie & Ken’s Nigerian Traditional Wedding » Photography by Obi

via Creativity gone HAM. Mad props on the concept and the photography.

American Black Film Festival — June 20-23, 2012, Miami

–> via Wish I had known about this earlier. Would have been a great vacation. Maybe next year.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone aims high, falls short

via I’m going to wait for the Galaxy Note 2.0 (he laughs in fiendish anticipation of something that probably won’t arrive until sometime next spring).

Aston Martin Vanquishes the Competition

via 6.0 V12, 565 hp. OMG.

Time After Time by Iceman Baldy · 365 Project

via Played around with a variety of settings and off-camera lighting to try to capture the grains of sand falling through an hourglass. This one isn’t perfect, but it will do for now.

A Little Weed at Sunset by Iceman Baldy · 365 Project

via Time to cut my grass. This little weed is making a prominent impression at the edge of my patio. Decided to let it watch the sunset before the cut comes tomorrow.

Insane Electric Superbus Goes 150MPH in Exquisite Luxury [VIDEO]

via If super fast trains are not the answer, then perhaps super fast buses. I guess with 23 passengers, this would be the world’s fastest short bus. I’ll take one in yellow, please.

Be Very Afraid: Everything you Need to Know About Sharing Information on Facebook [Infographic] | The Jane Dough

via You can’t complain about having your privacy violated online when you’re more than willing to give up information willingly. Have fun but be careful and know that not everybody is your friend.

Where’s My Luggage by Iceman Baldy · 365 Project

via I arrived back in town last night and had to wait over an hour for my luggage to arrive at conveyor #5. Five was not alive.

Power & Patriotism by Iceman Baldy · 365 Project

via The local power company lights all the windows on its downtown building in honor of the July 4th holiday and the financial drain that the summer is having on our bank accounts.