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Blue Yeti vs. Zoom H2n (next) – YouTube

via Getting ready to get serious about tech videos. This is a quick and dirty review of the Blue Yeti vs. the Zoom H2n also known as the H2next. In sum: Bye, bye Blue. On to the Next.

Master Lock DialSpeed Padlock | Uncrate

via Forget the contents, steal the lock. This is a must have for the security-conscious geek.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake | Uncrate

via I’m looking for a new family car–something big enough to allow for comfortable front passenger seating with a baby seat in the back while also allowing transport of additional adult visitors. This would certainly fit the bill.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 vs Canon PowerShot S100 Camera Size Comparison

via Camera is a great way to virtually, visually get a sense of how two different cameras compare in their physical dimensions. I’m on a pocketable kick right now and I’m digging the Sony RX100 a little more than my Canon S100. What I don’t like about the Sony is that it’s

Canon EOS M — Uh, No Thank You

via The Internet is all a buzz about this camera and, as much as I love Canon (I’ve owned several Elphs, Powershots and currently have an S100 and 60D and would love a 7D or–gasp–a 5D Mark III), this new ILC fails to inspire me. It’s probably because I’m already invested in the

The Sony RX100 – A Truly Pocketable Powerhouse |

via Steve Huff has discovered some of what I have been able to experience with the RX100. In terms of speed and build, it’s better than my S100 but there are some areas for improvement where the S100 still shines: 3/16 of an inch less thick isn’t a big difference but it is

RX100 Here I Come. HX9V and HX20V: Gotta Go, Gotta Go.

via Yours for the low, low price of $199 plus shipping. Look for my review of the RX100 vs the Canon S100 soon.

Street Art by Iceman Baldy · 365 Project


A Farmer’s Ford by Iceman Baldy · 365 Project

via This vintage truck is primary transportation for people and produce sold at a popular east coast farmer’s market. Made for a perfect nostalgic black and white photo.

Spaceship Parking Only by Iceman Baldy · 365 Project

via Not sure what this is but it’s geometric and reflective on a rainy summer evening and makes for a nice shot.