The Sony RX100 – A Truly Pocketable Powerhouse |


Steve Huff has discovered some of what I have been able to experience with the RX100. In terms of speed and build, it’s better than my S100 but there are some areas for improvement where the S100 still shines: 3/16 of an inch less thick isn’t a big difference but it is noticeable, the S100 is easier to hold because of its texture and built-in grip, the tactile feedback on the control ring means not having to look at the screen to check your settings, and the mechanical retracting flash is more sophisticated than the pop-up flash on the RX100 even though it’s not as functional in bouncing light.

Some people aren’t fans of the in-camera, USB battery charging but it does mean greater flexibility in recharging the battery without having to carry an external charging station with you.

I’m a fan and I think this will become one of the gotta-have-it cameras of the photographic elite and tech addicts alike given its functionality and price.

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