Canon EOS M — Uh, No Thank You

News / Monday, July 23rd, 2012

The Internet is all a buzz about this camera and, as much as I love Canon (I’ve owned several Elphs, Powershots and currently have an S100 and 60D and would love a 7D or–gasp–a 5D Mark III), this new ILC fails to inspire me. It’s probably because I’m already invested in the Sony NEX system and my 5N seems pretty equivalent to this offering. Better still, it’s more a matter of being smitten by the Sony RX100 and wondering why Canon didn’t choose to bring the pain and reclaim dominance over the pocketable compact market. At any rate, the EOS-M is a pass for me. It may sell well but I believe it’s a missed opportunity that offers too little too late.

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