Monthly Archive:: September 2012

Should You Get the New iPhone? | The Verge

via This is a top-shelf review that covers everything you want to know about the latest bit of Apple magic. I have seen one of the new iPhones in person and the design is striking and familiar with a hint of industrialism that looks and feels solid even though thinner, lighter, and taller.

How To Look Better…On Google [INFOGRAPHIC] | The Jane Dough

via Now you know. Get your branding right.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1 Camera | Uncrate

via This is complete madness. I have the NEX-7 and the RX100. This beast is crazy expensive ($2,800!), but a full-frame ‘pocketable’ camera with HD video? Sony, you’re killing me.

iPod Nano 7 | Uncrate

via Back to the way things used to be. I’m glad to see a more multimedia-friendly form factor.

Robbie – A Short Film By Neil Harvey on Vimeo

via This video is a little slow but immensely creative using real NASA footage from start to finish.

Airplane-Mode Activities For Your iPhone

via I fly a lot and sometimes it’s hard to feel as though you’re sufficiently connected and productive when WiFi isn’t available during a flight. This article from geeksugar if full of great tips for making the most of your disconnected status while you fly from point A to point B.

iPhone 5: Magically Underwhelming

via Slimmer, faster, 4G. I should be excited but I’m disappointed. The design is nice and the bigger screen is an improvement, but the overall changes seem more incremental than I expected. I assumed this would be more of a revolutionary device that might in some weird distorted-reality-field kind of way, justify standing

And the Retro Train Dont Stop: Fujifilm X-E1 Camera

via I keep putting off picking up one of these gems, but if Fuji continues to improve size and mechanics of these range-finder throw backs, I may just have to get one on principle. What principle, I don’t know.

Apple announces Sep. 12 special event | Macworld

via Are you ready?