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Vespa 946 | Uncrate

via I would actually consider riding this to work and around town. Granted, it’s not a Harley, however…

Bentley Mulsanne Interior Offers a Full Executive Office Suite | Complex

via This is how you maximize your commute to work.

The BRABUS Mercedes-Benz G63 Is a 620hp Powerhouse | Complex

via Just what you need for the urban safari. Nice new look for an aging classic.

Mama Said Knock You Out: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPad mini

via I love Apple but the Galaxy Note 2 is check and mate for a portable power player device. One the iPad Mini 2 comes out with retina display and A6 processor, we’ll have to revisit the competition but even then the phone-phablet that is the GNote is a pocketable connected solution that

And Now We Wait.

It may be a long night but I'm ready. Let's get this thing over with and start working toward a better tomorrow.

Galaxy Note II vs iPad Mini

via This is the real dilemma for those who are Apple fans and who also use the Galaxy Note: Galaxy Note II or iPad Mini? I think the Note is the better value. Phone functionality in a pocketable tablet form factor is a great complement to a full-sized WiFi iPad. If you have