The Perfect Mirrorless Camera?

News / Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Things are getting interesting in the micro-four thirds mirrorless camera world. The recent release of the Olympus E-P5 has some excited about new features and debates about whether it’s a better buy than the current king, the E-M5 and now this potential entrant from Panasonic. If it’s the real deal, it plugs several holes where many have long wanted a Pen-style body with a built-in view finder. This also hints at Wi-Fi (a great feature to have in-camera without having to rely on Wi-Fi SD cards) and NFC. The tiltable EVF is kind of wierd if you also have a tiltable LCD screen–it also detracts from the range-finder look that makes this kind of camera so desireable, but we’ll see. If it’s priced too high, that would be an unfortunate introductory mistake and might make people wait for the E-M6 that is rumored to be coming out this fall. I’m just trying to bide my time and not pick up another E-M5 body with so many upgrade options becoming available in the near term.

Panasonic Lumix GX7 leaked picture and potential specs from The Verge.


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