Sony RX100 II/M2 and iPod Touch (5th Gen)


I recently purchased a Galaxy Note III after deciding continue my separation from Apple with the release of the iPhone 5S. Although I love Apple technology and have an iMac, Macbook Pro and a iPad, I got tired of waiting for a truly new and groundbreaking phone some time ago and became a member of Team Android when the original Galaxy Note was released. Two Notes later and after passing on the iPhone 4S, and 5, I’m still not convinced that Apple is bringing its full innovation and creativity to the table but is instead providing predictable, expensive iterations that fall short of fan expectations. And so I pass again and fall even more in love with my Galaxy Note.

But what about my music, photos, and all the applications that I rely on for news, utilities and entertainment? My iPad 2 is getting old and my wife has the iPad Mini which is nice but more like a smaller version of my current iPad and not worthy of money spent to “upgrade.” I use the iPads to control my Apple TV and for FaceTime in addition to wireless control for my Canon 6D and Sony RX100 M2 cameras. It would be great to have an iPhone which does all this in a much smaller form factor while going with me everywhere and allowing for pictures and video on the go. It’s a hard decision because I can’t justify the price of a new iPhone for what I think is a lack of forward thinking technology given the alternatives.

Well, the perfect device is the 5th Generation iPod Touch. It’s a masterful piece of design that is smaller and more stealthy than the latest iPhone which has gone all Hollywood with its shiny metallic exterior and fairly Candyland in the case of the rainbow selection offered by the 5C. The screen is fantastic and it has more than enough space to be the perfect Apple ecosystem companion so that I have all that I need from my other Apple devices wherever I need it. It also works perfectly for wireless remote control of cameras, room monitors and my Apple TV without me having to use my phone. It’s a much cheaper solution and fills a gap that many may ignore in the quest for a perfect converged device.

Would I love to have a single tool (from Apple) that does it all? Sure. But until then, I’ll keep waiting and use the not-so-celebrated hero that is the iPod Touch as my wireless, multimedia secret weapon.

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