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2013 is Over: Stop Playing and Make 2014 Life Changing

Halloween just passed and Christmas decorations were going up on houses around the neighborhood. No sooner than the Thanksgiving meal hit the table, we were in the thick of a new Holiday shopping season. Before you know it, the year in review shows will begin and we’ll be engaged in the annual ritual of

The iPad Air versus All Other iPads Ever

A quick and dirty comparison of performance–not real scientific but based on what most of what us would expect to experience as practical use. The iPad Air is the Heir Apparent.

Gotta Go, Gotta Go: Sony RX100M2 vs Ricoh GR

I sold my Sony RX100M2 and decided to keep the Ricoh GR. And before I get hit with a bunch of cricitisms that they are two completely different cameras, let me say–yes, I know that but I didn’t need the Sony and here’s why: Sensor size difference aside, the Sony took some pretty good

The Social Media Dilemma: To Be Me or Not to Be Me

Earlier today, while checking Facebook and Google+ for updates, monitoring my Twitter feed and looking over YouTube subscription activity, I was struck by how infrequently I update my blog. The Social Media Dilemma is balancing how much I depend on secondary platforms and services to monitor and manage my social connections while relying on

Not a Honda Fan, But This is a Great Commercial

It may not sell many cars, but it wins on artistic impression and gives a serious head not to 3D street painters.