Gotta Go, Gotta Go: Sony RX100M2 vs Ricoh GR

Gear That Had to Go, News / Saturday, November 9th, 2013


I sold my Sony RX100M2 and decided to keep the Ricoh GR. And before I get hit with a bunch of cricitisms that they are two completely different cameras, let me say–yes, I know that but I didn’t need the Sony and here’s why:

Sensor size difference aside, the Sony took some pretty good pictures. The colors tended to be nice and dark and the focusing seemed faster than the Ricoh. The filters and panoramic shots were very good and the integrated WiFi and NFC were fun and easy to use–I’ll miss those features.

What really didn’t work for me was the fact that the Sony had so many features and built in features that weren’t easy and quick to change when trying to shoot street shots quickly and discreetly. The camera was slow to start up and slow to power down. The extended lens was also a bit cumbersome to hold even with the attached Sony grip. Using the control ring to make adjustments made handling the camera a two-handed affair and the Ricoh is just simpler (and therefore faster) and much more intuitive to use. Where I thought the Sony was more exciting than the Ricoh, the straightforward and boring but simple controls and interface of the GR won out in the end and I have a greater appreciation for how much of a real street shooter and documentary camera this camera really is.

The Sony was also difficult to pocket despite its smaller dimensions because the overall depth is greater than the Ricoh causing it to bulge a bit from my pocket a bit more. I actually found it harder to carry around with me everywhere where the Ricoh was a better fit. Even though the autofocus was pretty fast, it seemed to miss more shots when I needed them most and the shutter button didn’t provide as satisfying a press.

It was a difficult decision but it’s done and I’ve managed not to go out and buy another one after the seller’s remorse I had when I got rid of my first RX100. The tilt screen was great and I really do miss the remote control via WiFi but I’m happy to have my GR as a go-to pocket camera rather then being conflicted over which of the two cameras to take with me and I can use WiFi remote shooting with my slightly larger micro-four thirds or full frame cameras.

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