The Social Media Dilemma: To Be Me or Not to Be Me

Building a Better Blog, Learning & Development, News / Saturday, November 9th, 2013


Earlier today, while checking Facebook and Google+ for updates, monitoring my Twitter feed and looking over YouTube subscription activity, I was struck by how infrequently I update my blog. The Social Media Dilemma is balancing how much I depend on secondary platforms and services to monitor and manage my social connections while relying on primary platforms where I own and control the content to maintain and promote an independent social presence. I also came to realize that I don’t have a good answer for the dilemma.

It’s easy to engage with the various services that compete for our attention and readership. By exploiting convenience, these services drive subscribership and attention is converted into investment potential. The Digital Age in the next Industrial Revolution and we’re only seeing the beginning of a new class of robber barons whose wealth will be directly related to our lack of understanding business models based on widespread usage and adoption where no real money is being generated. I’m not trying to be negative and wish all these businesses the best–I wish I was a founder–but our excitement and the media frenzy around websites and platforms that are only a few years old and valued a billions of dollars is both alluring and concerning.

I spend more time on these sites than contributing content to my own weblog and sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth the effort to continue an independent presence. For now, ego and the fact that I’ve been at it for so long with an established brand identity (if nowhere else than in my own mind) will keep me going and provide me some comfort that if and when the social media bubble bursts or personal privacy becomes a nostalgic memory, I’ll at least have some control over my digital destiny on my terms with a creative outlet that I can truly call my own. What do you think  and how are you managing the Social Media Dilemma?

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