2013 is Over: Stop Playing and Make 2014 Life Changing

News / Saturday, November 30th, 2013


Halloween just passed and Christmas decorations were going up on houses around the neighborhood. No sooner than the Thanksgiving meal hit the table, we were in the thick of a new Holiday shopping season. Before you know it, the year in review shows will begin and we’ll be engaged in the annual ritual of New Year’s Resolutions as we do a bit of self-criticism about the resolutions we set last year that weren’t met.

I’ll go first.

2013 Fails: fitness, riches. 2013 Wins: family, career, peace of mind.

2013 wasn’t a bad year at all but it was a year that lacked focus. Where I need to intensely focus some time in the next year is on not being complacent with the status quo and driving myself to be bigger and better–it’s completely within my gift and entirely possible to add fitness and riches to the list of wins in the next year rather than accepting things as they are. This is the reason we break our resolutions or don’t live up to our true potential–we get comfortable or we fall into a rut of daily routines. That’s my sage advice to self for 2013.

Complacency is stroked by distractions. I’ve been distracted by social media and tech–my two loves–but like anything, moderation is key. Thankfully, I can financially satisfy most of my tech needs but 2014 will be about using the tech to further my entrepreneurial goals so that the social media and the tech become more of the work and less of the distraction rather than spending time working to pay for the toys. Expect me to take my photography game to new and greater heights and to use my general addiction to all things geeky to grow my connections and give life to the first of many geek rendezvous conventions.

It will happen.

What makes 2014 so different from other years is that for the first time in my life, I’m really beginning to come to terms with the fact that life is truly short. Loved ones who were with me in 2013 have since passed and aren’t with me now. The stark reality is that they won’t be in 2014 or beyond. My daughter is getting older every day and the toddler who was just a baby yesterday will be going to college tomorrow. Time keeps on slipping and we all are living on borrowed moments.

Random Thought: Is it just me or does Father Time look like he could also be the Grim Reaper? Do you now. Make 2014 life changing and not life wasting.


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