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Getting Rid of My Canon 6D for a Sony A7? Nope.

So I wandered into a Sony store the other day to have a look at the A7 and A7r. The camera bodies are no bigger than my EM1 and look pretty good. The shutter noise is quite a bid louder than I expected with a two-click sound effect. You an use the electronic front

Photographer Invisibility Isn’t About the Gear

Ming Thein proves that the ubiquitous camera phone allows us to take outstanding pictures without being noticed. And when I say outstanding, Ming takes it to a whole new level with just an iPhone 5. He proves that it really isn’t about the gear. Visit Ming’s blog for more great pictures and articles.

They Own the Streets

n From London Street Photo. Now you know.  

GX7 vs X100s: The Fastest Decision Ever

It’s 2014 and I resolved to spend less on photography gear this year and spend more time on honing my photography skills by taking pictures and studying the craft. Well, I’ve been taking more pictures and enjoying some additional study, I did not however resist the urge to buy something new and less than