Getting Rid of My Canon 6D for a Sony A7? Nope.

News, Photography / Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Canon 6D versus Sony A7

So I wandered into a Sony store the other day to have a look at the A7 and A7r. The camera bodies are no bigger than my EM1 and look pretty good. The shutter noise is quite a bid louder than I expected with a two-click sound effect. You an use the electronic front curtain and reduce the click by one but it’s still fairly audible. The cameras are getting great reviews for their picture quality and I was really tempted to give up my Canon 6D for a Sony A7 but two things stopped me:

Number 1: I walked over to the lenses to take a look at what was being offered beyond the kit lens. I have a 50mm f/1.4, a 35mm f/1.4, and the 24-105mm f/4. Equivalent Sony lenses would cost me almost an additional $5000. Not happening.

Number 2: I’ve invested in the Canon radio wireless flash system with two 600 EX-RT units and a ST-E3-RT flash transmitter. The Canon radio flash system is easy to use, reliable and just fun. Sony doesn’t have an equivalent and third party radio systems don’t compare to the Canon system. I can’t see myself taking a big backward step in off-camera lighting.

I guess what I’ve decided is, as much as I lust over the Sony full-frame mirror less system, hopefully this will be just the kick Canon needs to develop it’s own mirror less system so that we brand loyalists can also benefit from smaller cameras with great quality. Until then, I’ll stick with the 6D and whatever comes along next until that great day of glory comes.

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