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Galaxy Note Pro vs iPad Air: Titans Go!

I love Apple and I love Samsung. So since the Galaxy Note Pro is available at Best Buy, am I considering buying one? Yes and no. It’s not cheap at $750 and I could get some solid camera glass for that money. I’m also not that convinced that the specs are much better than

Is Blogging Dying?

How many people are actively maintaining blogs that are separate from their social network interaction? I’m pretty active on Facebook and have taken to Google+ as a way to connect with photographers and stay on top of recent developments in photo technology but I find that I have to work pretty hard to give

Great Article on Gear for Beginning Street Photogs

What gear works best for you is really a matter of style and functionality. I’m loving my GX-7 with an Oly 17mm f1.8 attached. If I’m traveling and want a few more options, I also carry my 45 f1.8 and 75 f1.8 with a flash in a compact sling bag. The E-M10 in this