Is Blogging Dying?

Weblogs / Wednesday, February 5th, 2014


How many people are actively maintaining blogs that are separate from their social network interaction? I’m pretty active on Facebook and have taken to Google+ as a way to connect with photographers and stay on top of recent developments in photo technology but I find that I have to work pretty hard to give my blog that same amount of attention. It may be the ease of linking and commenting to content that I share on the social media platforms. I’ll need to investigate whether there are some solid plug-ins that allow me to do the same thing with my blog. Anybody else living this struggle?

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  1. I currently maintain a blog on my site and I totally agree it is hard to keep up with trying to blog, maintain and manage my social media accounts as well as others. Taking the time to research, find images, and then share it can be daunting. I used to write a blog every sunday evening. Now I write whenever I feel inspired or a client asks a question that I think my other clients can benefit from which isn’t often… especially when you add in that I actually have a business to run.

    I do feel as though blogging is beneficial. It gives your followers and potential clients the opportunity to see that you actually know what you are talking about because they are able to see a body of work that they can follow. I have noticed that when I blog my weekly page views increase from 1500 views a week to 2500. (Those numbers aren’t great but I’m happy with them.) I can’t honestly say that I have received any new clients from my blog. Most of my new clientele comes from Facebook (where I post my blogs) and from word of mouth.

    So to answer your question, is blogging dying? There are so many blogs out there with so much information to share, I’d say maybe but it all depends on your reason for blogging in the first place. I currently blog to educate my current client base. I’ve given up on the possibility of someone actually seeing a post I’ve made on twitter and becoming a client. I feel that prolonged interaction via social media spurred by my blog and other interactions with users on facebook and twitter is what really pulls them in.

    Lastly you mentioned plugins to share your blog. I use Tweetily which posts random blog posts I’ve made every 4 hours and Facebook for WordPress that posts your most recent blog post on your business page and your personal page as soon as you complete the blog.

  2. I know that personally I am motivated by being in the public eye and also receiving feedback. I post to facebook and twitter because I feel like someone is listening. I sometimes go weeks without posting to my blog because I didn’t think anyone cared. One thing I’ve done to motivate myself is to use facebook ads to drive traffic to my blog. This worked for two reasons:

    1) I’m investing my money and don’t want to waste it if people come to an empty blog
    2) People started to engage with my posts and it motivated me to keep generating content in order to keep them happy.

    Think this would work for you?

    1. Vincent, I’ll have to give it some thought. I’ve been using Facebook Ads to promote my photography page and it’s been tremendously helpful. I’ll have to decide if I’m ready to commit to more regular blog updates rather than some of the photography stuff that has become my new muse before I commit to doing the same for the blog. Great insight.

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