Getting Rid of My Bags

News, Photography / Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Domke F-803 _1010992

Camera bags that is, and not all of them–just a few of the ones that are gathering dust under my desk and that still hold some pretty decent value.

The best bag that I purchased (prior to my new ONA bag) was a Billingham Hadley Pro. Mine is black, water-resistant canvas with tan leather trim. It’s a smart looking bag with plenty of space for a full sized camera and a couple of lenses or a APS-C body and a full kit of primes or a full micro-four thirds system. It is very English looking and some call it the Louis Vuitton of bags. I liked it a lot at first but it looks a bit too luxurious and I ultimately prefer leather to canvas so it has to go. I listed it on eBay yesterday and today it sold for $200. Ka-ching.

The other bag I’ve posted for sale is a sand colored canvas Domke F-803 bag. It’s a little more inconspicuous than the Billingham but is also a bit smaller with a thinner profile. It looks like a nice messenger bag but the clasp takes some getting used to and it’s not the most padded bag around. The nice thing about it (and the Billingham) is that the internal divider system is not only customizable but entirely removable so that you can use either bag for other non-camera stuff for additional versatility. Again, not completely in love with the canvas and neither bag is really meeting my needs at the moment–which I’ll acknowledge often change as frequently as the seasons.

So we’ll see if the Domke sells soon. It’s not in as perfect condition as the Billingham was and it was never as expensive to begin with. I’m hoping to make at least $60 from it and I’m pretty sure I’ll get at least that much before I put my Think Tank Sling-O-Matic 20 and Tenba Black Label small satchel up for sale.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to break in my ONA Brixton leather dark truffle bag as the primary transport for my XT1. Can you ever have enough camera bags?

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