Camera Complification

Ricoh GR, Fuji Instax, Sony RX100mk3

The more we try to simplify, the more complicated things tend to become. Complification is a great made up,word that makes the challenge literal. So I’m trying to reconcile my camera inventory and I have decided to get rid of two cameras and have also purchased a new model. I’m fully invested in the micro 4/3 camp and I also prefer the APS-C format. I have gotten rid of my Panasonic models (both the GX7 and the GM1) and replaced my Olympus EM1 with the recent silver model in addition to buying an Olympus EM10 to complement the EM1. I  the Ricoh GR and of purchased a second camera (the limited-edition model) as a back up for it. My Fuji XTI continues to inspire my creativity with its retro looks and old-school dials and I’m also considering getting a Fuji X100T but more on that later.

The new kid on the block is a Sony RX 100 Mark III. I purchased it because I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to invest in the Fuji X100T and I opted to go with something that was portable with an electronic view finder, that provided for outstanding street photography opportunities in terms of quality and stealth while also being a camera that I would more likely carry all the time because it was fairly versatile. The lens and body combination on the RX100 Mark III is perfect for everyday, always-with-you shooting.

I’m also having some fun with my Fuji Instax camera. It’s a little old school with the instant film that slides out the side when you take a picture, but for nostalgic instant gratification that you can share with friends, it’s wonderful. An Instax printer that you can wirelessly connect with any of the new cameras that have wireless built in might be an even better option so that I can both save a picture digitally and print a picture on demand but we’ll see about that later since it would also mean carrying yet another device around with me.

It’s fun buying new camera kit getting and rid of the old stuff while just having fun with technology that allows you to be creative. However, I’m finding that the less I can focus on deciding what to shoot with while spending more time using tools that I love to shoot with more often, the better my overall photography becomes.

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