The X100T Makes Me Rethink Everything

News, Photography / Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


Almost a year ago, I bought a X100S and quickly returned it after comparing it to my GX7 and finding it wanting. I took some criticism about my choice and I stand by the decision even though I acknowledge some of what was pointed out as fairly constructive comments and admit that I’ve grown as a photographer over that time. I just didn’t like the build quality of the silver X100S and found it slow and not head and shoulders above what I was getting from the GX7. Now the X100T has arrived after I’ve had the XT1 for a while and all I can say is wow–I love this camera.

i got the all black version and I can’t say enough about the styling and build quality. Where Ithought the silver X100S seemed like a toy, this thing feels like a brick. I really think it’s just a matter of color preference; it’s probably more a matter of my being tired of the silver topped, retro finishes of late than any less robust manufacturing build–aside from a few cosmetic and button tweaks, the build quality is the same on both models.

What I do like mo4e than before is the performance. This camera is quick and the picture quality is excellent. It might be that I just wasn’t quite ready for what the X100 series would require from me in terms of being a little more thoughtful in my photography but this camera seems to work with me and doesn’t slow me down. I’m actually considering moving away from my micro four thirds system and going all in on lenses for my XT1 along with getting the conversion lenses for the X100T. For now, I think I’ll just take things slow and really learn how to use a camera that will probably travel with me more than any other as a true photo journalism instrument and creative tool.

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