Monthly Archive:: April 2015

In Love with Leather: ONA, HoldFast, and Heavy Leather

I’ve reached a point where I think I’ve found the perfect bag solution for the time being. My ONA bags are ideal for light travel and extended shooting. The leather straps by HoldFast and Heavy Leather also provide the right balance of style and practicality. My daily Fuji kit still resides in a Tenba

Refining the Toolkit: Olympus, Fuji, Ricoh

I’ve made a few changes to my camera inventory in an effort to shoot more and to spend less time being distracted by figuring out what to shoot with. In terms of formats, I love micro four thirds and APS-C. I’ve become reinvested in Olympus, replacing my EM1 and complementing it with an EM5

My Fuji X100T and the NYC Easter Parade

Today we went into the city and attended church with a friend. After church, we were literally steps away from and immediately in the midst of all the pageantry and costumes that are the New York City Easter Parade in Midtown on Fifth Avenue. What started in the 1800’s as a parade of the New York