My Fuji X100T and the NYC Easter Parade

Photography, Picture of the Day, Travel / Monday, April 6th, 2015

DSCF1462Today we went into the city and attended church with a friend. After church, we were literally steps away from and immediately in the midst of all the pageantry and costumes that are the New York City Easter Parade in Midtown on Fifth Avenue. What started in the 1800’s as a parade of the New York elite in all their finest Easter clothing has become a parade of hats and costumes that run from the hugely ridiculous to the most fashionably sublime.

I knew that it would be a tremendous opportunity for pictures and I debated which camera and lenses would allow for easy travel, quick and discreet shooting, and overall versatility. I settled on my X100T and took along my Tele conversion lens. This was the perfect setup and I could shoot both 35mm and 50mm shots to get wide context and additional reach depending on what was required by the scene. I used the camera without the Tele converter in the church and during the parade outside, it was also about the reach given the crowds and the sheer number of photo ops that presented themselves. The Fuji performed well in the bright light and focus was fairly quick and accurate save for a few times when the moment was just too fleeting for the shot I was trying to capture. If I wasn’t with my family and had more time to really work some shots, I’m sure I would have had even more keepers, but I was entirely satisfied with my ability to move quickly and fire off one or two shots before moving on and not irritating my wife too much. I also found that people seemed to prefer posing for the Fuji and engaging with me where the folks running and gunning with their DSLRs didn’t get the same attention.

I had a great time in Midtown enjoying the event and documenting the occasion. My Fuji, Tele converter lens, flash, and Instax printer all fit nicely in my Tenba Black Label small photo satchel and it was easy to carry a full kit with my daughter balanced on my shoulders every now and then. I even printed a few shots from the Instax during lunch that I shared with our friends as tangible memories of the afternoon. If you’re ever in the New York area during Easter, this is one of those events you have to see to believe.


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